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Thanks to technology, the world is now a global Village, which makes getting lost in the rat-race to success almost inevitable. The same medium designed to inspire our development has just as easily become the instrument of our doom. The Village suggests ideas, ideals & information to tackle this continuously changing constant that is life. Find balance in structure; take the simulated journey from discovery to sufficiency using the Expigital Brand, Edutainment & Lifestyle Organizer.


How much have you been throwing away?

Time uses the power of transformation to legitimize our reality& validate our achievements. Yet, it is our most under-valued & unappreciated resource.

So much is lost looking in admiration @ the ‘existential mirror’, forgetting it can also be used for our protection, then wasting even more in regret for that already lost.

Maximize your time to optimize your life. Know more about Expigital Village Organizer &Seasons to be @ the right place, @ the right time.

Explorer Esplanade

You are not alone. Find your Village people for tips, tricks and treats to Expigital success.

  • Complete Tasks for Badges

  • Attend Events for Achievements

  • Participate in Activities for Ranks

No commitment required

Traveler Trail

Like a sponge, learn, un-learn & re-learn to evolve. Unbox your mind to overcome labels, levels & limits that hold you back from success.

  • Sow for the future

  • Earn for today

  • Learn from the past

Adventure Avenue.

Nothing ventured- nothing gained. Indulge ALL your senses - follow your intuition, inclination & interests to win Expigitally.

  • Work to expand your Wallet

  • Invest to increase your Income

  • Network to build your Nest-egg

Indigenous Isles.

The world is your oyster. Activate the power to create your own fun, fortune & fame anywhere.

  • Make a bee-line to your audience - Feature

  • Get noticed for any reason - Advertise

  • Boost your Expigital access - Rent

Resident Route.

What will you be known & remembered for? Find your niche & strengthen your value chain to write your name in the stars.

Build your Brand & Business infrastructures

Be enlightened from Education & Entertainment  institutions

Benefit from Lifestyle & Leisure industries

Save tomorrow Today

Every Season

Participate in Tasks, Events & Activities

Accumulate Badges, Achievements & Ranks

Redeem Prizes, Panniers & Parcels

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