for everything, there is a season; and for every season, there is a reason

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Knowing when to be @ the right place, @ the right time is instrumental to success; but you must be ready or the opportunity is lost. The Village seasons are guides to effective time management all year round. Don’t miss out on available opportunities. Know more about each season to achieve Expigital success.

November -  January


This is the time for Enlightenment. Educate and entertain yourself simultaneously. This season, tune in to Programs that inspire your passions, Initiatives that ignite your imagination, Campaigns that initiate your commitment & Knockout competitions that imitate your keen resilient knack.

February - April


This is the time for stashing.  Love yourself best, first. Use what you have to get what you need. Buy or Barter for essentials, Engage the right talents/audience, Sell excesses and services or Trade commercially this season.

May - July


This is the time to build. Be prepared to successfully launch from the stars. Plan for your brand & business simultaneously. Get the Blueprint, Equip yourself and be strategic with Ad-placements to Mine target locations this season.

August - October


This is the seasonal loop. It all starts and ends here. Time to be intentional with your care. Know before and analyze after your venture. Consult the experts, create engaging Adverts, Regulate operations and Empower your value chain to foster 360 success.


Accumulate awards by participating in Village themed tasks, events & activities Expigitally.


Complete tasks for Badges and use to redeem Prizes weekly


Attend events to unlock achievements to redeem Panniers monthly


Build your rep. Move up the ranks to redeem parcels Quarterly

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