Join the Expigital race to take your place in the Village spiral

For your convenience

Navigating the Village is free. However, only members can be given roles and redeem awards. The Village membership is seasonal; opened for 7 days - starting on the 17th and stopping on the 24th of the previous season for the next season. Watch out for other important dates & times as this can change as a consequence of prevailing cultural, economic or social  circumstantial considerations.

For any clarifications send mail to

Before you venture…

Knowledge is power & the stakes are always high.

Leaving your hard-work to chance is the fastest way to loss.

Gather the information you need to maximize your Village Experience

Policies & Disclaimers.

We aim to create an enabling environment where all users thrive. Know the practices and procedures to prevent future protest.

Terms & Conditions.

Have significant influence over the outcome. Know the state of all services before you start to save yourself from sentimental reactions

@ your convenience

Get ahead! Register in advance for prefrential placement

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